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Stoff: Antiklimax

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ABOUT THE PIECE: There is no known religion practised in this church. The service is a strange session with singing, fantastic costume and a goosebump-inducing soundscape. The main character is a self-proclaimed spiritual leader who is out on a mission, hovering on a hoverboard. They want to convince the world of the supernatural power of music, but it’s difficult when self-confidence is at rock bottom. Music is the tool for us to go with an open mind into a dream where we only feel at our best. A dream of sweaty ecstasy.

ABOUT THE TALENT: Martin Östman is a musician mostly known as his alter ego Emilio, from the hi-tech slapstick rave circus, Sirqus Alfon. When he’s not on tour, he composes and produces music of various styles. And not to forget, he just loves to Dj his own edits. AntiKlimax is the first time Martin creates a live solo performance. This work-in-progress event is meant to show parts of what will be a longer show. Martin is looking for a co-producer or residency within the nearest future.

Fotograf: Agnes Kenttä

Föreställningen är en del av Stockholm fringe festival 👉



2022-09-15 kl 20:30